ZF-Genomics offers multiple sequencing services, including mRNAseq and microRNA analysis and de novo and reference genome assemblies. In addition we also offer the bioinformatics services that are needed to make sense of your sequence data.

ZF-Genomics is a department of ZF-screens BV, which uses Illumina and Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing platforms to support the core business activities of our daughter companies ZF-Pharma BV and NewCatch BV. In addition, we perform Next generation sequencing tasks for (inter)national research project partners and for external customers.


A improved European eel genome is now available


Over the past two and a half years ZF-screens has been using nanopore sequencing to improve genome assemblies of vertebrate species. This work has resulted in a much improved European eel genome using an assembler that was partially developed at ZF-screens. The TULIP (The Uncorrected Long read Integration Process) assembler is very lightweigth and will help us to unravel the DNA sequence of much large genomes using the enormous sequencing throughput of the PromethION that will soon arrive in our lab.

The paper has appeared on bioRxiv today and the TULIP code is available on GitHub.